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Counselor's Corner

 Mrs. Yankovich
Dear Parents,

Welcome to the 2018-19 school year.  As the school counselor at Echo Shaw, I wanted to tell you a little about what I do. Every week, I teach a 30-minute lesson in your child's classroom on the topics of academic success, planning for their future, as well as learning how to handle the different social and emotional issues that children face. Among giving lessons in the classroom, I assist teachers with the academic and social success of students, work to connect families with resources, meet with students individually and in groups, direct the leadership, peer mediation programs and tutoring programs, participate on several academic and behavior support teams, connect with agencies in the area to help with community outreach, and more.

This is my 15th year as the school counselor at Echo Shaw and it is a privilege and honor to be a part of this school and the surrounding community. I speak some Spanish and continue to spend my free time studying to improve. If you would like to know more about lessons I teach, small groups I facilitate, finding resources, or any other questions, feel free to call me at 503-359-8144 Ext. 6504.

Guidance Lessons

Every class receives weekly guidance lessons with topics pertaining to social-emotional, academic and career. Beginning of the year lessons focus on Skills for Learning, such as focusing attention, ignoring distractions, listening, self-talk and being assertive. The next lessons focus on Kelso the Frog which is a Conflict Resolution program used to help solve small problems. Once the students gain knowledge on using these options to solve problems then lessons move onto how to handle bigger issues, such as bullying. Once lessons on bullying wrap up, we move onto Empathy, noticing our own feelings and those of others. We continue this discussion by moving onto lessons about Emotion Regulation and how to handle our own strong emotions. Students are taught about the brain and the different parts that are connected to our emotions. Once the students have a good understanding of how to calm strong emotions we have lessons about solving problems using the STEP format. Saying the problem (without blame), Think of solutions. Explore consequences. Pick the best solution. Near the end of the year we have lessons on safety in the neighborhood, at home and during the summer months, such as bicycle safety and wearing helmets. Other lessons may include understanding diversity and looking forward to the future (careers and college).

Small Group Counseling

These groups will meet once a week during school hours. They will be made up of 4-6 children, and will be run by the school counselor. The children will have opportunities to build relationships and trust with other children their age in a small group setting. The children will learn and practice new skills that are intended to understand and communicate feelings, make responsible choices and create lasting friendships. Groups: School Success, Feelings, Friendship, Grief and Divorce.

Jennifer Yankovich
School Counselor
503-359-8144 x6504
Peer Meditation 
Who to Contact
Jennifer Yankovich
School Counselor
503-359-2489 X6504