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District Counseling PK-12



Comprehensive School Counseling Program


Endorsed by the National School Counseling Association(ASCA) & the Oregon School Counseling Association(OSCA)


The purpose of Comprehensive School Counseling Programs include:

  1. Integrated into the entire educational program to reach all students 
  2. Preventive and intervention focused 
  3. Systematically organized by licensed school counselors in collaboration with other professionals 
  4. Accountable and evaluation-based

Comprehensive School Counseling Delivery Systems include two components:


  1. Core Curriculum: Provides content systematically to ALL students in classroom and small groups
  2. Individual Student Planning: assist students develop education, career and personal plans
  3. Responsive Services: addresses immediate concerns of students


  1. Program Planning & School Support: evaluating the school counseling program, 504, TAG, shared responsibilities with all school staff
  2. Referrals, Consultation & Collaboration: interacts with others to provide support for student achievement, meetings/teams

High points as a School Counselor in FGSD:

  • Comprehensive School Counseling Program (ASCA, OSCA) endorsed and highly supported by the Forest Grove School District
  • Competitive salary schedule
  • School Counselor to student ratio is approximately 250:1
  • School Counseling Mentorship Program for new counselors
  • Meet monthly with District Counselors PreK-12
  • Meet monthly by level(PreK-6 & 7-12)
  • A focus on equity with decisions made for our students & families
  • Adopted school counseling curriculum
  • Work closely with District Office personnel to augment existing and developing programs/systems
  • Opportunities for leadership at the building and district level
  • District funds available for tuition reimbursement or conferences annually
  • Behavioral Health & Wellness teams that involve School Counselors
  • Work as a “team of School Counselors” to meet the needs of every student

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School Counseling



# of Counselors in 2019

# of Counselors in 2021

6 Elementary School Counselors (PreK-4)



1 Upper Elementary School Counselors (5-6)



1 Middle School Counselors (7-8)



1 High School Counselors (9-12)



1 Alternative High School(9-12)